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Q: Docker — how to use docker-compose with variables containing * I am having an issue with the docker-compose file I am using in this case. I have the following in /etc/docker/docker-compose.yml: - name: myproject image: nginx volumes: -./:/var/www/html -./myproject:/var/www/html links: - mysite1 - mysite2 - app1 - app2 Which works fine as it is. However, I have a config file at /etc/myproject/myproject.yml that contains a variable that contains a * logging: level: 'info' format: "%(message)s" file: './logs/myproject.log' This config file is injected into docker via docker-compose.override.yml like so: - name: "myproject" config: logging: level: "info" format: "%(message)s" file: "./logs/myproject.log" When I run docker-compose up, this is the error I get: ERROR: for myproject Cannot start service myproject: invalid key "logging" in /etc/myproject/myproject.yml:2: logging.level: 'info' As you can see, it's being trying to parse logging.level as a container config file. However, it is expecting logging to be a key, not a string, in the container configuration. Does anyone know of a way around this? Many thanks A: The trick is to quote the key value when you run the command. That's what's causing the parse error. It's thinking the logging: part is the config key and the '




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Utilitas Bangunan Hartono Purbo Pdf 46 laueni

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